Function: wp_update_term

wp_update_term( integer $term_id, string $taxonomy, array | string $args )

Update term based on arguments provided.

Shortcut: wut

You can use above key combination to trigger the associated snippet for this function in the WordPress Snippets for Visual Studio Code extension. You can also use this shortcut to search for this function on this website.

The $args will indiscriminately override all values with the same field name. Care must be taken to not override important information need to update or update will fail (or perhaps create a new term, neither would be acceptable).

Defaults will set 'alias_of', 'description', 'parent', and 'slug' if not defined in $args already.

'alias_of' will create a term group, if it doesn't already exist, and update it for the $term.

If the 'slug' argument in $args is missing, then the 'name' in $args will be used. It should also be noted that if you set 'slug' and it isn't unique then a WP_Error will be passed back. If you don't pass any slug, then a unique one will be created for you.

For what can be overrode in $args, check the term scheme can contain and stay away from the term keys.


Name Type(s) Default Value Description
$term_id integer

The ID of the term

$taxonomy string

The context in which to relate the term to the object.

$args array | string array()

Optional. Array of get_terms() arguments. Default empty array.


array | WP_Error

Returns Term ID and Taxonomy Term ID

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