Function: populate_network

populate_network( integer $network_id, string $domain, string $email, string $site_name, string $path, boolean $subdomain_install )

Populate network settings.


Name Type(s) Default Value Description
$network_id integer 1

ID of network to populate.

$domain string ''

The domain name for the network (eg. "").

$email string ''

Email address for the network administrator.

$site_name string ''

The name of the network.

$path string '/'

Optional. The path to append to the network's domain name. Default '/'.

$subdomain_install boolean false

Optional. Whether the network is a subdomain installation or a subdirectory installation. Default false, meaning the network is a subdirectory installation.


boolean | WP_Error

True on success, or WP_Error on warning (with the installation otherwise successful, so the error code must be checked) or failure.

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