Function: get_objects_in_term

get_objects_in_term( integer | array $term_ids, string | array $taxonomies, array | string $args )

Retrieve object_ids of valid taxonomy and term.

Shortcut: goit

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The strings of $taxonomies must exist before this function will continue. On failure of finding a valid taxonomy, it will return an WP_Error class, kind of like Exceptions in PHP 5, except you can't catch them. Even so, you can still test for the WP_Error class and get the error message.

The $terms aren't checked the same as $taxonomies, but still need to exist for $object_ids to be returned.

It is possible to change the order that object_ids is returned by either using PHP sort family functions or using the database by using $args with either ASC or DESC array. The value should be in the key named 'order'.


Name Type(s) Default Value Description
$term_ids integer | array

Term id or array of term ids of terms that will be used.

$taxonomies string | array

String of taxonomy name or Array of string values of taxonomy names.

$args array | string array()

Change the order of the object_ids, either ASC or DESC.


WP_Error | array

If the taxonomy does not exist, then WP_Error will be returned. On success. the array can be empty meaning that there are no $object_ids found or it will return the $object_ids found.

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