Function: get_category

get_category( integer | object $category, string $output, string $filter )

Retrieves category data given a category ID or category object.

Shortcut: gc

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If you pass the $category parameter an object, which is assumed to be the category row object retrieved the database. It will cache the category data.

If you pass $category an integer of the category ID, then that category will be retrieved from the database, if it isn't already cached, and pass it back.

If you look at get_term(), then both types will be passed through several filters and finally sanitized based on the $filter parameter value.

The category will converted to maintain backward compatibility.


Name Type(s) Default Value Description
$category integer | object

Category ID or Category row object

$output string OBJECT

Optional. The required return type. One of OBJECT, ARRAY_A, or ARRAY_N, which correspond to a WP_Term object, an associative array, or a numeric array, respectively. Default OBJECT.

$filter string 'raw'

Optional. Default is raw or no WordPress defined filter will applied.


object | array | WP_Error | null

Category data in type defined by $output parameter. WP_Error if $category is empty, null if it does not exist.

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