Function: add_image_size

add_image_size( string $name, integer $width, integer $height, boolean | array $crop )

Register a new image size.

Cropping behavior for the image size is dependent on the value of $crop:

  1. If false (default), images will be scaled, not cropped.
  2. If an array in the form of array( x_crop_position, y_crop_position ):
    • x_crop_position accepts 'left' 'center', or 'right'.
    • y_crop_position accepts 'top', 'center', or 'bottom'. Images will be cropped to the specified dimensions within the defined crop area.
  3. If true, images will be cropped to the specified dimensions using center positions.


Name Type(s) Default Value Description
$name string

Image size identifier.

$width integer

Image width in pixels.

$height integer

Image height in pixels.

$crop boolean | array false

Optional. Whether to crop images to specified width and height or resize. An array can specify positioning of the crop area. Default false.

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